Janome makes superior sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines for home use. We helped Janome differentiate themselves in a highly saturated marketplace by changing the focus from product features and functions to celebrating the amazing creations that sewists use their machines to produce. The new brand was brought to life in assets that ran the gamut from print advertising to POP to dealer communications.  After launching the new brand platform, despite no major product launches, Janome has enjoyed their two best years in company history. Check out a sampling of our work by clicking on the image above or contact us to schedule a Janome case study review.

STIHL USA is the number one manufacturer of handheld outdoor power equipment in the United States. And you won't find a single one of their products at Lowe's, Home Depot, or Amazon. For nearly 10 years, we have worked closely with STIHL USA, their 11 distributors, 8,000 dealers, US sales force, and their network of agency partners to help manage the brand and identify opportunities for product growth. Check out how we helped STIHL earn and own their leadership position by celebrating their resistance to "selling out" to big box stores. Check out a sampling of our work by clicking on the image above or contact us to schedule a STIHL case study review.

Hypertherm is a New Hampshire-based, employee-owned manufacturer of cutting systems. In order to go head to head with their competition, mainly well-known welding brands, we needed to educate the market on how Hypertherm's plasma, laser, and water jet technologies are the only way to achieve optimal cutting. Winsper was brought on to help Hypertherm with a global rebrand, launch several key products to the manual and mechanized markets, and even head up the design of a new LEED Gold-certified facility. Check out our work by clicking on the image above.


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More & more customers are standing with Carpet One. And the Where Do You Stand Flooring Sale is giving them a reason to show it with a $500 off promotion. The WDYS Flooring Sale engages dealers and the end customer to show us where and for what they stand.

Picking out new flooring for a home can be one of the most stressful activities a homeowner undertakes. This spot for Carpet One is about a married couple that is suffering from the after-effects of shopping for a new floor at a big box store.

Selling product through storytelling. A vignette showcasing the gorgeous creations a young mom whips up on her Janome Skyline S7 machine. Used by Janome on corporate website, social media, and at product launch meetings to dealers.
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